Monday, May 15, 2023

How to Read Body Language: The Definitive List

Here are some lists of nonverbal cues that tend to substantiate one another. The presence of multiple signs generally leads to reliable conclusions or confirmation of what you perceive.

• Inhaling fully 
• Rocking one’s body 
• Shifting weight forward or upward

• Closing eyes 
• Falling posture 
• Turning away from you

• Asymmetrical position 
• Blinking eyes 
• Facing downward 
• Fidgeting 
• Furrowed brows 
• Random Movements 
• Rubbing of eyes 
• Shifting in one’s seat 
• Shuffling feet 
• Wandering eyes

• Clenching teeth or hands 
• Crossing arms or legs 
• Pointing legs toward exit 
• Placing hands on hips 
• Turning upper body away

• Covering mouth with hand 
• Touching nose

• Expanding gestures 
• Spreading arms and legs 
• Standing with toes out

• Bouncing knee crossed over leg 
• Crossing legs 
• Tapping Feet 
• Rapping fingers on one hand against table

• Leaning head and/or body forward and blinking 
• Raising eyebrows inquiringly 
• Smiling

Questioning honesty? 
• Clenching teeth 
• Furrowing brows 
• Looking downward 
• Grimacing 
• Compressing lips in a thin line 
• Squinting

• Aligning shoulders 
• Establishing increased eye contact 
• Leaning in

• Crossing arms 
• Grimacing 
• Looking away 
• Stiffening of body

• Crouching 
• Hugging themselves 
• Reaching up to touch their throats 
• Standing, toes pointed inward

Nonverbal clues are just that -- clues. No one exhibits every classic symptom. Sometimes people have taken charge of their nonverbal communication and don’t show any marked indications you might expect. But most often, like the actors who portray emotions, people you communicate with will provide some nonverbal messages that reveal what they are feeling. Just look. #nonverbal #nonverbalcommunication #bodylanguage

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