Monday, November 7, 2022

Carol's Back

Ten years ago I made the decision to start working on my own projects only. During that time I wrote several musicals (Bernhardt On Broadway, Mrs. President Lincoln and 2020: The Musical) and went on tour with one of them. It was truly liberating and great fun.

Last year, although I was no longer promoting my services, I was contacted by several people who needed writing and coaching. I took on this work and found it great to be out in the workplace again. 

While I plan to continue to work on my own projects, I am also accepting assignments. I'm confident this is the right move for me and look forward to helping others with their communication needs. I recently volunteered my services to New Enterprise Forum (NEF) and look forward to helping entrepreneurs who come to that organization.

In addition to writing and marketing, I plan to do some speaking and coaching. Last year I coached a young person applying to medical school and helped him with his interviewing skills. It was very rewarding to hear the positive feedback he received as a result and the professional schools where he was accepted for study.

In the past I promoted my services in a number of publications but primarily Crain's Detroit Business. That was very effective at an earlier time in my career. Having helped many businesses and individuals with advertising and promotion, I will now pursue other avenues.

I am looking forward to an exciting 2023 filled all kinds of new adventures and challenges!


*Dunitz run a successful communications and creative services company for fifteen years and has written numerous books, executive speeches, scripts, websites and other marketing materials. She has also written and composed four musical plays. Her specialty is taking anything and making it interesting and easy-to-understand.

Dunitz can be contacted at 734.237.6614 or