Tuesday, April 18, 2023

How to Become the ‘Go To’ Person in Your Industry

All of us are in sales. That's because we all have to sell ourselves to achieve success. There are a multitude of ways to jump start your efforts. Start out by choosing several of the suggestions below. As you develop more confidence, try some of the others. In the process, you can develop a reputation that has others flocking you way.

Get Involved. Your involvement in the community is an opportunity to help others while you help yourself. Try working for the charity of your choice or for your favorite political party. Join and participate. When you participate, you make new contacts. Those contacts may lead you to places you are only dreaming about now.

Attend Functions. Do you belong to trade associations? Join them and attend their events. Make a point of meeting the speaker as well as other important people in your industry. As you get better known, you may want to chair events. This means more work but it also means higher visibility.

Improve Yourself. Be all that you can be. Make an effort to learn something new every day. Read. Keep up with current events. Attend seminars and take classes to keep up with changes in the workplace. Others will recognize your dynamic approach to life. You'll be someone they want to know, someone they want to work with, someone they ‘go to’ when they are ready to buy.

Attend Leads Breakfasts. There are numerous organizations that put on events where non-competing entrepreneurs can wheel and deal with one another. Investigate which ones are in your area and make a point of attending them to see what they are like. If the setting appeals to you, join the group that sponsors the meeting. It will pay off.

Form A Local Business Network. If you see a need for a networking situation that has been overlooked, consider starting one yourself. Choose a time and place. Then invite people who might benefit to attend. The atmosphere should be noncompetitive to facilitate open communication and referrals. #networking #powernetworking

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