Tuesday, March 28, 2023

How to Become a Power Networker: Fourth of Six Parts

Maximize the Potential of Networking Events. Before attending an event, do research. Find out about the company, the speaker, the speaker’s topic and anything else that’s relevant to the meeting. If you’re going to a large conference or trade show, figure out the most effective way to proceed. Determine who you want to meet and where you might find them.

You can’t be fashionably late to a networking event. When attending a business function, arrive early to mingle with other guests and the speaker. Scan the sign-in sheet to see who’s attending and who you want to meet. Bring product literature with you in case a display table is available.

Wear a Name Tag and put your name tag on the right in the line of vision of people you shake hands with. Head for the bar, refreshment table, and registration desk--wherever there is a line or people congregate. You’ll have a natural opportunity to start a conversation with those around you. Circulate. Mingle. Move out of your comfort zone. Play the host and invite others to join.

Focus on people you don't know and reinforce relationships with people you know casually. Make your time with others meaningful. After you introduce yourself, use open-ended questions to get the conversation rolling. People love to talk about themselves. Showing genuine interest will start you off on the right foot.

Actively listen. Everyone will think you are a great conversationalists. Be curious. Let others talk about themselves. Ask questions that encourage them to talk about their business. This may give you information on how you can cultivate a relationship. Wait to share your areas of expertise at a suitable time.
Don’t overstay your welcome. Always have an exit strategy. It’s best for everyone to have the chance to mingle at these events. You can always follow up after the meeting. Leave people wanting more.

Is there a presentation at the event? Sometimes you can pick up interesting leads from business presentations at meetings. Presenters may confide business issues to a group as a way to share it with their partners. Don’t overlook opportunities to connect with those you might partner with.

Do you have to take advantage or every opportunity? Of course not. Be selective. Make good choices and follow up when the event is over. Be generous with your time and helpful when others ask for help. When you help others, they will be happy to help you when and if you need their assistance. #networking #powernetworking

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